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Carpet Padding, Styles, Fibers and Manufacturers
Carpet Padding  

Carpet Padding

A carefully selected carpet cushion helps absorb the shock from foot traffic, cutting the force on the flooring by one half, thus preventing carpet fibers from matting and crushing.  A key benefit of quality carpet padding is that it prevents the loss of carpet height.  This means your carpet will stay looking fresh and new longer.

Consider Your Pets  

Consider Your Pets

Keep in mind that a dark carpet may not be the best choice for your white-haired, four-legged friend.   Comfort should also be a consideration, in fact, the American Pet Association found that more than seven million dogs spend their nights on the floor. Sometimes good dogs do bad things to carpet. But don't worry, a quick patch and the floor is as good as new and your best friend's out of the doghouse.
Carpet Fibers and Styles  

Carpet Fibers and Styles

Natural, Wool, Sisal, Synthetic Fibers, Polypropylene or Olefin - This section explains all of the different types of carpet fibers and styles.
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